Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Dress

Ok, I really can't keep anything to myself. I'm sure it's bad luck to blog about your wedding dress or whatever but I can't help it. What if the groom doesn't read the wedding dress blog before the big day. Is that ok then?

This is a picture of the original inspiration for the dress. It's really really really (really) cute. But its also insanely expensive. Apparently you can charge anything you want for a wedding dress in New York and someone, somewhere will pay for it. What do you expect from a city that charges $25 for a roast beef sandwich?

Why is she carrying a dog? Are bijons the new bouquets?

I was absolutely in love with the polka dots. I still am. But for the life of her, Carole (dressmaker) couldn't find polka dot fabric that would work. Instead, she found plaid! Oh yes everyone, plaid. And the crinoline underneath is going to be powder blue to give it an extra little heft of funk.

So, that dress above, minus the dots, plus the plaid, add in a sash and voila! My wedding dress.

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