Thursday, July 31, 2008

This wedding is ______________ (adjective) !

Things have been pretty calm this week on the wedding front. I took on yet another project and decided to make the bridesmaids necklaces. I couldn't find any that I liked so rather than buy a piece of crappy jewelry that no one really wants, I thought I might as well make them something that has some thought and time in it. So, I went out last night after work and bought some things to make necklaces. They are so cute, if I do say so myself. Just like the dresses, I would wear it all the time if I got to keep it. Their opinions of them might be a little different than mine though. But all the same, I think I'm going to set a world record for cutest bridesmaids.

Center pieces are coming along. Who would have ever thought that I would put so much time and effort into center pieces? Definitely not me. My question is what am I supposed to do with 16 center pieces once the wedding is over? Maybe I'll just give them away. (Last person to leave the table at the end of the night gets to keep the center piece as a parting gift!)

I've been collecting ideas in my brain for the guestbook. It's going to be awesome. Two words for everyone: wedding madlibs. That actually might be three words.

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