Friday, July 25, 2008

FAQ of the Day

From Anonymous:

Tell us about the cake!

Dear Butter Cream Inquisitor,
That is a very delightful (and tasty) question. You are a reader after my own heart. I am an avid fan of baked goods, and when it comes to weddings, the two most important questions are:

1. Who's getting married?
2. What kind of cake are they having?

Rather than have a traditional wedding cake, beautiful as they may be, we chose to have a variety of torte cakes made for our shindig by Annette's Catering. Her tortes are absolutely delicious. My sister used her services for her wedding and it was unbelievable. Luckily, Cathy ordered too much torte and I agreed to lighten the load for her by taking some leftovers home. I kid you not, I ate torte cake for breakfast for a week. It was just that good.

Annette probably has thirty different flavors to choose from. Obviously, we were unable to order all thirty. Unless of course you want us to cancel dinner and just serve cake all night. Believe me, I would be fine with that. But as of right now, we plan on having six varieties for you to choose from. They are:

Chocolate Mint Torte
Chocolate Raspberry Torte
Strawberry Torte
Carrot Cake Torte
German Chocolate Bavarian Torte
Tuxedo Torte

Thanks for your interest Mr. or Ms. Inquisitor. I am delighted to have answered your question!

Matthew and Christine

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