Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Fun Night! Right? Right guys??

Invitations are done! Mom, Pam and Cathy came over last night to help stuff envelopes. Dad came over too, but he came to take a look at our broken garage door - not to do wedding related chores. (In case you're wondering, the garage needs a new cable.) Surprisingly, only one envelope was ruined by me dropping pizza on it. I was expecting much worse from myself.

The invites are in a box ready to be dropped off at the post office today. I was going to put them in the out-going mail bin at work but that's no fun.

We also tackled the job of putting together the wedding favors. Production was delayed for a little while when we realized that the bags I bought to put the favors in were too small. We made an emergency trip to Hobby Lobby and then everything was back on track. The original bags were way cuter and I still want to find a use for them, so if anyone has any suggestions as to a fun way to use 200 clear plastic treat bags please let me know. As an added bonus, the pile of supplies for the favors is much smaller now. Looks like Joe won't have to sleep on top of a pile of Folger's boxes when he stays in the guest room.

The favors turned out to be absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, my entire ribbon stash got cleaned out. We probably used twelve spools of ribbon. I've been hoarding polka dot ribbons for months with the intention of using them for the wedding, but all the while secretly hoping that I wouldn't have to use them and I could keep them. I have a problem with wanting to buy craft supplies and then not wanting to use them once I have them. (I like to keep things feeling new so I hate to open the packages.) Every time Mom would get to the end of the spool I'd tell her, "I'll go see if I can find another roll... But this is absolutely it this time! I don't have ANY more!" I think I said that at least seven times. I kept pulling more out of the closet, out of the basement, out of the office...

I did eventually really run out of ribbon. Well, that's not entirely true. But we ran out of coffee bags so it didn't matter anyways. I need to work on my division skills because I ended up buying cases of supplies that totaled: 126 bags of coffee, 188 pairs of coffee creamer and 200 bags. I never claimed to be good at math.

Check out how great those look! The sacrifice of my ribbon collection was well worth it. And now I have an excuse to replenish my cache with a trip to the fabric store!

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