Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Get With the Program!

Programs are off and printing. Check that off the to do list!

The program is going to be folded up and included in a little surprise for everyone. If nothing else, you definitely won't walk away from this wedding empty handed.

It's tiny so you can't read it on purpose:

Gotta save something for the actual wedding! Otherwise, you wouldn't have a reason to come would you? If I told you everything that was going to happen and you could read the actual program right now, you'd probably just stay home and watch Austin City Limits on the night of our wedding. (That's what I'd be doing if I didn't have to go to my wedding.) Granted, it's a wedding so you probably already know about 95% of the stuff that is going to take place, but the fun little details are that extra 5% that I'm banking on to get you in the door. Or in the tent rather.

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