Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Story of Us

This wedding is the result of a blind fix up that almost wasn't (twice) and the amazingly uncommon result of it.

Before I ever met Matt, I met Matt's older brother Billy. I was a flashlight technician for Billy's album cover-shoot. (Don't we both sound so important! Well, at least one of us?) We had to wait for the sun to go down (for the sake of the flashlights) and went to dinner to waste time until dark. At dinner, Jason (photographer) made a funny little comment about how he predicted that I would meet my husband through work. His exact words were, "You'll meet a cool client and he'll set you up with his brother or something." Ya right I thought, that's never going to happen. Well, it turned out that Billy wasn't exactly short on brothers. He came into the office a few weeks later with Rachelle and Cartney and offered to set me up with Matt. I initially declined but then later accepted. Matt and I agreed to meet out at a bar with friends so it wouldn't be too "blind-datey." Come the day of the meeting, I decided that it was probably going to be a waste of my time and I begged Shannon to let me ditch the date. What was going to happen anyways? Was I going to meet my future husband? I don't think so...

So, we all met at the Library Pub, hung out, talked, realized that we didn't hate each other and made plans to go out the next night. Matt and I had the perfect first date: Nintendo, arts and crafts and a midnight showing of Wizard of Oz. Since the theater was behind my apartment, Matt didn't have the opportunity to open the car door for me to prove he was a gentleman. He did however give me a piggyback ride through the alley if that counts for anything. (Awwww!) And for the record he does open the door for me. Every single time!

So that's that. We hit it off over 50 cent beers at a dirt bar and a night of playing Mario. About four days later we were both off the market and it's been great ever since.

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