Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekends of Mass Production

This weekend will bring another day of mass production. I've decided that it will be the last day ever that I will spend being Crafty McCrafterson for this wedding. If if doesn't get done on Saturday, then it evidentially isn't that important and I'm throwing it out the window. I didn't really do a lot of planning for the wedding, but I spent a countless number of hours making crafts. I seriously can't stop. What is wrong with me? I'm about to stick a hot glue gun to my temple and put myself out of my misery.

And even when I'm not doing crafts for my own wedding, I'm doing crafts for other people's weddings/any excuse to make things. Jeff and B invited Matt and I over to watch the Huskers game on Saturday. Jeff and I are turning it into a football/BBQ/craft extravaganza for the heck of it. Nothing like a cold beer and some embroidery to kill a Saturday night.

I'm going to spray paint my shoes *hopefully* tonight or tomorrow. I'll post pics of the process. It should be entertaining if nothing else. I also called the caterer today with a semi-official count and he was all, "G'day mate, the head count doesn't need to be in until the week of the wedding." (He's Australian if I didn't make that clear enough.) He's a very nice and patient man, but it's hell trying to understand him over the phone.

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