Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To Do List

The last time I made a to-do list and then posted it online, I magically got everything on the list done. (It must have been the pressure of people seeing my list of unaccomplishments.) So, I'm going to attempt the same miracle twice. Here we go... Don't panic now:

01. Finish the two remaining bouquets
02. Make a flower girl basket/somethingorother
03. Finish the bridesmaids jewelry
04. Print guest book pages
05. Find something to wear on my head
06. Fix up the boh-ring pair of white shoes I bought. ($4.99 on ebay. Boring but cheap.)
07. Finish center pieces
08. Finish buying/reserving decorations
09. Book a hotel room
10. Find a necklace. Raid mom's jewelry box.
11. Order booze. For the wedding.
12. Plan somewhere to take pictures at.

That is a mighty to-do list! I guess in reality though, having a list of twelve things to do in five weeks isn't really that bad. I just have to do three a week. This list making thing really works. I get kind of panicky when I think I have a lot of stuff to do, but when I write it all down and I can see what really needs to be accomplished it doesn't seem so bad.

There you go. Blog post and lesson in the benefits of list making, all in one. Happy hump day!

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