Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday, Matt and I had a fake fight about wedding plans. Fake fighting for us is someone pretending to get mad about something stupid, then the other person gets fake mad back at them, we both say some dirty words not fit for a wedding blog and then we laugh uncontrollably. Needless to say, it's remarkably immature. But, it's fun. Here's how the (edited) fake wedding fight went:

Matt: A month from today and we will be getting married. You better finish up all those wedding crafts.
Me: (Pretending to be annoyed.) You know, you could help me. I have a list of stuff you could do.
Matt: I think you're fine on your own.
Me: Mike helped Jen plan their wedding.
Matt: (In a pretend angry voice.) I bought pants and I got a hair cut. I also bought you that *** ring so I think I'm done.
Us: Hahahahaha!

Turns out that Matt actually does have some great wedding ideas in his head because last night he asked if we could include some of our own vows in the ceremony. I thought it was a great idea! It's not anything I had considered up until that point. I don't want to say something cheesy and sappy though. Not our style. I want our personal vows to be special and funny. Then, this morning a great wedding was featured on where the couple wrote some funny vows to each other. One was, "I vow to respect your opinions, even when they are dumb." I love their wedding summary. It was so lighthearted and inspiring. They really had a great outlook on the day.

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Cat said...

Dang! Why didn't we think of that!? It could have been so lighthearted, and funny, instead of...well, you were there.