Friday, August 15, 2008

Less Than a Month To Go

Here it is another weekend and I still have my list of things to do. Imagine that. And you know what's actually scary about this weekend? The fact that it is now less than a month until the wedding! WHOA!

So, back to that list of stuff I have to do... I did book a hotel room about five minutes ago. I booked at the Magnolia downtown and it was surprisingly cheap. It was actually $40 cheaper than the Double Tree on 72nd that I had checked with earlier. Interesting. So as of right now, the list is:

01. Make a flower girl basket/somethingorother
02. Finish the bridesmaids jewelry
03. Print guest book pages
04. Fix up the boh-ring pair of white shoes I bought. (I have a great idea!)
05. Finish center pieces
06. Finish buying/reserving decorations
07. Order booze. For the wedding.
08. Plan somewhere to take pictures at.

Look at that! Only eight things! YAY!

And most importantly, tonight I get to go pick up my wedding dress. I cannot wait! I'm so excited. Carole did an amazing job. The dress is absolutely incredible. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

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