Monday, August 11, 2008

Minor Progress Report

Turns out that I did get a couple of things done this weekend. Humph. Guess I was more productive than I thought I was. I decided at 9:00 last night to finish up the bouquets. I worked on them while watching The Two Coreys and the Olympic 4x100 swim relay. The relay was incredible! USA pulled ahead at the very last second and won. Literally! It was Lezak's last stroke and he pulled ahead just enough to win by .08 seconds.

Anywho, here's the update I started this post with:

01. Finish the two remaining bouquets
02. Make a flower girl basket/somethingorother
03. Finish the bridesmaids jewelry
04. Print guest book pages
05. Find something to wear on my head
06. Fix up the boh-ring pair of white shoes I bought. ($4.99 on ebay. Boring but cheap.)
07. Finish center pieces
08. Finish buying/reserving decorations
09. Book a hotel room
10. Raid mom's jewelry box.
11. Order booze. For the wedding.
12. Plan somewhere to take pictures at.

I also got a few wedding treasures from antique stores on Sunday. I'll put those up later.

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