Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eleven Days To Go

I had the most relaxing pseudo weekend (Sunday and Monday). I didn't think about the wedding, worry about the wedding, do anything involving the word "wedding." I sat around. I crafted for the sake of crafting. I drank coffee until my eyes spun around like a cartoon. It was great. If this is what it's going to be like AFTER I get married, then lets do this thing already. I can't wait to be normal and married and just be a wife rather than a bride.

I made good on my promise earlier to ditch any wedding tasks that didn't get accomplished on Saturday. I never got around to painting those stupid shoes. Instead, I hit Dillard's mega crazy cheap Labor Day sale and got a pair of patent navy blue heels for $19. Sounds good to me. They're cute. And come pre-decorated. I have a sickness when it comes to footwear so it was like, "Should I buy another pair... who am I kidding? Of course I'm buying them." Really. Its bad. Just ask, well just ask anyone who's seen my closet(s). I only buy on clearance though. I want to make that known. :)

All that's left is for Matt and I to get a marriage license. This is the one thing that I knew I would forget to do if I wasn't constantly reminded of it. Sure enough, I forgot about it until Matt reminded me last night. That's probably one of the more important things on the list...

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