Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And I think we're done...

I went an ran my super secret errand and talked to the golf course about the bar situation. I decided to forget about dry cleaning my dress since it's so late and I would freak out if I didn't get it back by Saturday. It looks perfectly clean and pressed so we're just letting it hang out outside of the bag for a few days and calling it good. And besides, it's going on my body which means it stands a 95% chance of getting ripped and stained within an hour of putting it on. So, what's the point really?

I have to run out to the golf course tomorrow because they want me to show them where I want everything set up. Details, details dude. I don't really care. They're tables... But since I've seen the venue exactly once it probably wouldn't hurt to go remind myself what it looks like.

I guess that's it now? I believe I might really be done this time.

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