Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on the Planning Phase

Something snapped in the last week and I caught the bride virus. I hated the organizing part. You know - caterers, bakers, venues. That stuff is boring. And expensive. But I'm past all of that and now I'm working on the little details. Like an addict loves crack, so do I love little details. I just about peed pants with excitement when I bought cards and envelopes for the invitations. ENVELOPES! WHEE! I could quit my job and make party invitations for people for the rest of my life and I would be perfectly happy. Something about paper products... I just love it. I don't scrapbook but I love to collect the paper and junk and be happy just having it and looking at it. Weird? Maybe... So the invites are in the works. Everything should be delivered by this week and then the Official Family Ladies assembly line will convene and I'll get those babies in the mail.

And the center pieces? Oh jeez... this is getting out of control. I keep finding stuff I like so I just say to myself, "Let's throw it on the table too. Why not?" This wedding is going to look like every horizontal surface in my house - covered with crappy stuff that only I find amusing and which Matt sweetly puts up with. I also took back my promise to let the bridesmaids pick their own dresses and I bought them super cute cocktail dresses which they can "totally wear again!" Every bride says it but I'd like to think it's true in this case. Maybe? Probably not... I'd wear it everyday for the rest of my life if it was mine. My dress is in the works. I've already told too many people about it so I'm keeping is a secret until the wedding. Ok, that's not true. I can't keep secrets. I have an incredible costume designer, Carole Zacek making it for me. She's done work for commercials, movies, ballet and theater. I'd give you her website link to go look at her stuff, but there's a picture of me on there in a flea costume.

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